construction bookkeeping services pricing

You have to provide him additional cost of employment including sick pay, annual leave & employer’s NIC. If you hire a bookkeeper in UK, it will cost you between £15 and £30 per hour and the amount of time spent will depend upon the size of your business. If you ever find a reputed overseas outsourcing bookkeeping company, you can save up to 50% of your total cost. There is no need to physically ship your documents as most of your documents will be stored on the cloud. Therefore, Make sure to opt for a company having extremely secured data storage and abides by EU GDPR regulations. Bookkeeping is basically recording, storing & retrieving of financial data.

  • There are several models for outsourcing accounting work to an accountant, including a per-hour model, fixed-fee model, or equity stake.
  • Luckily, there are several accountants to help entrepreneurs deal with business costs.
  • Our team member gets to know you and your business meaning their advice has a bigger benefit to you.
  • Our construction accounting experts can advise on the best approach to purchase or hire equipment, what expenditures are permitted, and how to minimise tax liability.
  • With our knowledge and experience, we can provide valuable insights into how to improve your business and drive growth.
  • No task given to ‘Meru Accounting’ would be very mundane; All bookkeeping services would be a high standard and would be effectively completed.

Our fees for Accounts and Tax which are overdue, or are within one month of the due date are £100 per hour for Accounts and Tax, and £30.00 per hour for bookkeeping. Please note, this web page is not a quote and is subject to agreement with each new client prior to the commencement of our accounting, tax and bookkeeping Services. The success of your accountancy practice depends on how you implement a pricing strategy that drives high profitability and ensures business longevity. For your accountancy practice, this involves coming up with a set of packages at different price ranges, from basic to premium, and clearly defining the benefits of each. This way, customers can pick the package that gives them the most value. Particularly if you offer a variety of services, a menu of pricing package options makes a lot of sense, as customers can examine the options and choose the one that best fits their needs, wants, and budget.

What our Clients say

Our team is here to help you and tailor our services to meet your business needs. However, market research does suggest that small businesses can expect to pay between £59 and £400 a month, depending on the size of their business, the services they require, and the industry they work within. Lastly, you want to ensure your accountant’s personality is the right fit for your business. Although they may not be employed in-house, you will still be working closely together, and they will, almost certainly, need to communicate with various contractors and project managers.

We also build a dashboard of different categories so that our clients can also track various expenses and costs from different constructing sites. That saves the valuable time of our clients and is very easy for them. We do the book work so that our clients can focus on their constructing fieldwork with no worries.

Why should construction companies outsource accounting services?

The company isn’t VAT registered, and Dave wants to do everything he can to make sure he files what he needs, on time, and pays as little tax as he can along the way. Dave’s happy keeping his paperwork on Receipt Bank, invoicing out of Xero construction bookkeeping and keeping his bank reconciliation up to date himself. Dave sometimes has a few questions, so he likes to know he can drop us an email any time during the month. Many construction businesses fail because they lose control of their finances.

  • Trust us, it will make both your lives a lot easier if you can effectively communicate with one another.
  • You focus on earning money, and we’ll let you know if you’re spending too much.
  • At Tax Bite, we understand the complex workings of CIS and the common challenges construction businesses face when it comes to cash flow.
  • We track our client’s expenses and cost per property by using class tracking or tracking category in the software like Xero, QuickBooks, etc.
  • Stephen and Charles go the extra mile and explain everything in an easy to understand way.