Get free articles on the remote job industry, trends and special offers delivered directly to your inbox. She has written for a number of online publications about workplace issues, including The Muse and ProfessionalGal. When she isn’t working, she enjoys going to the movies in the afternoon, walking her dog, and volunteering for local nonprofits. While much has been written about the need to keep teams connected to each other in a virtual environment, losing your organizational tether to the customer is more insidious, and perhaps even more dangerous. After months of successfully working from home, the finance, HR, and legal teams of a mid-sized bank decided that they were going to adopt a hybrid model, permanently.

remote working fatigue

A study conducted by American Express shows that 99% of customers indicated talking to someone knowledgeable or getting a satisfactory response is vital for a great customer support experience. Learn how to build and manage a successful remote customer service team with tips on communication, ticketing, analytics, and knowledge management. Discover the advantages of remote work and how LiveAgent can help you streamline your support channels. LinkedIn is a great place to find full-time and freelance customer service jobs. To get started, search “customer service” in the job search bar and filter your results by “location” to find remote jobs. Remote customer service agent jobs are in high demand as more companies are shifting towards remote work and expanding their customer support services.

Use collaboration tools

Since your team is working from their homes, their internet connection is going to vary from rep to rep. This means that some team members may have stronger connections and faster page load speeds than others. If you hire people who do not have the same values as you do, then you will be setting yourself for disappointment. Even someone with the right set of skill sets might not be suitable for your business if they don’t believe in the same things that you do.

And besides a quiet space, a fast internet connection and a decent computer, there are few requirements for these jobs. And while some expect customer service experience, other customer-facing positions — such as a previous job in retail sales or telemarketing — are usually good enough. The circumstances surrounding traveling to an office every day can have a considerable influence on many people’s decisions to accept or decline a job offer. Major considerations include the cost of commuting to and from work and how much productive time is lost due to the inconvenience of traffic.

Not Communicating With Your Team

These twenty tips can help you manage a remote customer service team with ease. But you should know that each team comes with its own challenges and strengths. Focus on the strength of the team so that they can easily face any kind of problems that are thrown at them. Your remote team can be as good as your in-house team if you give them proper training, effective tools, and the right set of values. Having a strong company culture is one of the essential things, especially if you were to manage a remote customer service team. The company culture that you follow will repeatedly be visible in the form of appreciation comments by the customers or complaints from them.