You may start with alpha testing after the system testing phase, fix and resolve all the critical issues, and proceed to the beta testing stage to get actionable insights from end users. Real users in their actual environment perform beta testing. At this point, the beta version of the software is released to a few external users who provide feedback on the application’s design, functionality, and overall quality. These inputs help reduce the risks of app failure, ensuring the software performs as intended in the real environment. During alpha testing, the software is evaluated against a set of predetermined acceptance criteria and is tested for functionality, usability, performance, and stability.

What is the alpha test

Alpha testing is the first end-to-end testing of a product to ensure it meets the business requirements and functions correctly. It is typically performed by internal employees and conducted in a lab/stage environment. An alpha test ensures the product really works and does everything it’s supposed to do. During alpha testing, data is not real and typically, the data set is very small in order to makedebuggingand root cause analysis easer. Beta test participants are potential customers who have agreed to test a possibly unstable application. The users create their own data sets and the test focus changes tousability and evaluating real-life performance with multiple users using their own hardware.

What is Alpha Testing?

Alpha testing performed once the product has gone through stages of testing and prepared for release. It is executing before beta testing, which is also a part of acceptance testing and can define as field testing. During this testing, we can make changes in the software to improve its quality and functionality. Alpha testing done from the developer’s site where independent developers can monitor and record user experience and make necessary changes to enhance the performance. Alpha and beta testing are both types of user acceptance testing. Alpha testing is designed to catch bugs before the product is released to end users.

  • Alpha testing is a procedure that helps developers find and address faults in their software products.
  • When push comes to shove, the product manager has a critical role in moving the feature forward to beta testing.
  • One of the reasons to do alpha testing is to ensure the success of the software product.
  • Alpha Testing is done within the organization, while Beta Testing is done in the user’s environment.
  • Although Alpha testing is not completely functional, QA team must ensure that whatever is on hand should be thoroughly tested, especially those which has to be sent to the customer.
  • This is the concluding step in which after the issues and bug fixes are done, the testers carry out the testing procedure once again.

These users don’t need to perform beta tests in any specific environment, unlike alpha testing which does require a specific environment. Beta testing happens during the product marketing stage and is mainly used to gauge customer satisfaction. The team that conducts the alpha test is often an independent test team, perhaps made up of potential users/customers. Alpha testing involves simulating a real user environment by carrying out tasks and operations that the actual users might perform. Once software passes the alpha test, it is considered for the next phase of testing called beta testing. In the second phase, the black box and white box testing methods are invoked by the quality assurance team.


A lengthy and full cycle of thorough and rigorous testing to stress-test all the features of the system. Keep track of your submissions, tester engagement, and survey data throughout the project. See how using the Centercode Platform makes collecting test metrics easy. Arkane Austin’s Redfall, meanwhile, has been even more mysterious, with only a single alpha test leak from September 2021 showing anything resembling real gameplay.

What is the alpha test

After the bugs and issues are tracked and logged the developers work on them to fix it. This is the initial step where the design specification is reviewed to figure out all the functional and nonfunctional requirements of the software. With client engineering teams to deliver thoroughly tested code.

Advantages of alpha testing include:

Alpha Testing also helps the testing team to make sure that the product is functioning in the same manner in which it is intended. Thus, the company appoints experts, who understand the industry and the offering, to test its design, working, and behaviour. In the first phase, the in-house software developers make use of debugging tools to trap the bugs in the program.

Every software application should be subjected to thorough testing prior to release. For the application to be appealing to the end-user, both testing phases, namely Alpha and Beta, must be carried out. These tests provide the developers with a good idea regarding the reliability of the software and reduce the risk of the product not receiving customer validation. This phase of testing is carried out by QA and mainly focuses on black box testing the application by individuals who do not have technical expertise regarding the application. This phase involves testing certain use cases, cause-effect testing, and decision table testing.

Techopedia Explains Alpha Test

Here’s a rundown of exactly what Alpha Testing is, along with some tips for planning and running these types of tests effectively. Alpha tests is considered a type of user acceptance testing. It’s designed to refine software products by finding alpha test definition and fixing bugs that have escaped notice during previous tests. Alpha testing is a procedure that helps developers find and address faults in their software products. It is comparable to user acceptance testing, another kind of quality control.

What is the alpha test

The testing environment is a simulation of the real world conditions with the same kind of tasks. Beta Testing helps reduce product failures and provides higher product quality through customer validation that resulted from their experience with the application. Alpha tests don’t start and stop according to our personal schedules, so creating channels to communicate with your team members when you’re not in the office is critical! Your alpha journal is a great start, but also leave notes for yourself and others to keep the process as transparent as possible.

Types of Testing

Alpha tests should only be done after a product has passed unit and integration testing. A group of users, including end users and developers, should test the product before beta testing starts. This group of users should not be limited to one or two testers. The more testers involved in alpha test, the better chances that bugs will be found early enough to correct before they become serious problems. Before performing alpha testing, it is essential to form a list of all the design specifications and functional requirements needed to be tested.